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IMC 60 Automatic Intermittent Motion cartonator Machine

IMC 60 Automatic Intermittent Motion cartonator Machine




Technical Specifications

Carton Length 60 mm 185 mm
Carton Width 25 mm 60 mm
Carton Height 22 mm 55 mm


Length 2485 mm
Width 1350 mm
Height 1500 mm
Net Weight 800 kg (approx.)
Gross Weight 1250 kg (approx.)


  • Adjustable magazine for staking cartons, which is picked and opened by suction generated by vacuum pump of 300 LPM free displaced air which is driven by 1 HP, 3 Phase 1440 RPM Motor.
  • In-feed product conveyor chain consisting aluminum partitions which are adjustable according to the product of fixed pockets for one product only.
  • Carton conveyor chain is adjustable to width of carton.
  • Single loading station for inserting product by means of mechanical operation.
  • Tucking in mechanism for tucking in the flaps and closing the same.
  • Carton length adjustment frame for adjusting carton conveying chain according to length of carton.
  • Automatic carton erection
  • Automatic coding on cartons
  • Machine with SS 304 guards
  • No product no cartons
  • No carton product bypass
  • Designed to handle both reverse and straight cartons


Carton should have a board thickness of 280 to 350 gsm and must 0. be pre-folded to 140 Carton must be made as per dimensions given by us.


  • Closing of cartons by hot melt adhesive.
  • Tubular cover Aluminium or SS 304
  • Machine interconnections with upstream & downstream machines..
  • Electronic product counter & time totaliser
  • Flame proof construction.
  • Brush insertion-Double pusher system.
  • Automatic leaflet insertion device in carton
  • Automatic online coding options (CIJ/TIJ)


Power 2.5kW
Air 100 LPM air at 2 kg/cm pressure

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Dimensions are approx only.
maharshi reserves the right to chnage the specifications without prior notice.