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Semi Automatic Tabel Top Machine

Semi Automatic Tabel Top Machine





Technical Specifications

Speed 20-30 CPM.
Label Width 10 to 300 mm..
Label Height 10 to 300 mm.
Stop Tolerance +/- 0.5 to 0.75mm
Net Weight 21 Kg. (Approx)


A Semi-Automatic Sticker Labelling, Model: SA-HR-30 (TT) is a Compact, Lightweight & Elegant Table Top Model for Labelling Any Size of Round Containers up to 15 100 mm Dia. Most Simple With Plug-In System & is a Highly User Friendly Machine. Machine is Suitable for Maximum 300 mm Wide Label & Can run at the Standard Rated Speed Up to 1000 Bottles / Hour

As a special feature you can apply 2 labels (front & back) on same bottle with delay function built in machine.

Highly accurate labelling without skew up/skew down.



Power Supply 220 V, Single Phase AC 10%, 50 Hz